The law firm that almost never was
...and the journey that birthed Edwards Law Florida

If you would have asked me ten years ago, “would I be in this position?”

I would have very confidently responded, “hell no!”

I never anticipated Edwards Law.

It was a dream that materialized after a lot of heartache and broken promises.

A crushing of a soul so devoted to the practice, so green, so optimistic, so trusting, so doubting how this business makes decent people cutthroat, meaning figuratively capable of slitting your throat with no shame to stand on your work ethic as if it was their own.

I love the practice of law, but I have come to hate this business of law.

I never imagined, expected or planned to be in the position where I would contemplate severing ties with commitments that I thought defined my future, but when the future became the present, the voice inside me knew better.

I was always meant to be in service of something greater than second best, not quieted to the sidelines, not stifled by stereotypes or mistruths.

The opportunity came as a consequence of following my heart and from that giant leap, it was as if there was no other option. Edwards Law was always meant to exist. While I would have never imagined this is where I would be, I can wholeheartedly say I am exactly where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. Ironically, all the failures in my personal life have prepared me very well for this journey. I truly have been ready for this my whole life.

When I think of Edwards Law in its infancy, the unrealized power I possessed. A power is given by virtue of going to school for a million years, passing a bar exam but more importantly living, breathing, sacrificing, dreaming the practice of law. I am a true testament to an unwavering passion. But can you take that passion and turn it into something tangible that’s worth talking about? I learned very early in my career in criminal defense of the power my passion actually had. The difference that can actually be made. The blood, sweat, and tears are actually worth it. It is being put forth to something bigger and better than anything I ever envisioned for myself.

I have often been asked, “Why do you try saving everyone? You can’t change the world.” These words have resonated with me. So to that, I say-

Law is my greatest love.

It is my greatest pleasure, and my greatest joy, to be in the service industry.

I am genuinely invested in what happens to my clients.

To their family. To their future.

The understanding that my clients are experiencing the worst days of their life, Connects me to them in a way I don’t think many people can.

So, we embark on this journey, of my effort and collaboration with my client.

It’s me giving my clients the tools that they need at that moment to do exactly what they need to do. It’s using the power I have to pass on something much bigger than winning. It is giving them the opportunity of a life they wanted, the life they dreamed of, and the life they don’t have for whatever reasons. Because it’s never too late. You’re never going to be in a position where you can’t rewrite the narrative. My job is to remind people that they are stronger, they are better, they are smarter than they think they are. That’s what we do here every day. It is the epitome of what we do.

And while winning is important, the greatest reward is to see my client getting enormous power within themselves to have the greatest life they have ever had.

It’s not about how many cases I’ve won or lost, (I’ve won far more than I’ve lost)

We are going to get to the other side,

And when we do – we will reevaluate this journey.

When you are no longer caught up in the most emotional turmoil of your life.

You are going to tell me at some point that you wouldn’t have had it any different, and it was all worth it.

And that for me is what breathes life into this business. I want to empower people. I want my clients to be empowered by the opportunity to have a whole new life. I want to give them hope. I want to help them set goals they can reach. I want to give them the kind of strength and conviction that they are one decision or step away from change.

They were right, “I can’t change the world”.

However, I have had enough good fortune, victory, and success to know You can reach out,

You can touch one life,

You can change one life,

I have touched a person, I have changed a life, one life.

I absolutely can make a difference by giving my clients power they never knew they had. And that is where Edwards Law thrives.

Because we are in a position where we appreciate the grand responsibility we have. This firm is about just that,

This firm is about living your best life. It’s about enjoying the journey, it’s about shifting the focus from the negativity that comes from everything we associate with the legal process, and putting your eyes on the prize. The prize being, at the end your life will not be what you planned, but it will be bigger and better than you ever imagined.